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Our Team of experts work hard to obtain the maximum compensation to repair your property to Get all your insurance claims are handled properly by our team of experts, who work to obtain the maximum settlement to repair your property. Get your free claim evaluation below!

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    Signs You Need a Public Adjuster

    Certain warning signs can predict when you need a public adjuster. These are usually when the insurance company is not treating you fairly or you are not getting the full value of your claim. These signs include:

    • An inexperienced adjuster is assigned to your claim
    • Your assigned adjuster does not return calls or answer questions properly
    • The adjuster’s assigned value for a specific property is well below what you paid for it
    • You receive a check marked “full and final settlement” that is well below the damage to your property
    • Your claim does not include some of the damaged property you reported
    • Your claim has been going on for several months and there is no end in sight
    • Your property damage happened during a major disaster and an adjuster was brought in from another state to handle your claim

    You do not have to wait to get completely frustrated with the claims process for these warning signs to appear. The sooner you bring in LMR Public Adjusters, the sooner we can get started on helping you recover the maximum amount available for your claim. Whether you are in Broward County, Palm Beach County or Dade County or any city in South Florida, we can help you. Our Public Adjuster offices are located in Hollywood and Boca Raton, but we have helped clients throughout the state of Florida.

    How a Public Adjuster Can Help

    If you have a property claim, you are already at a disadvantage. Insurance adjusters are trained professionals who negotiate claims every day. They have an intimate understanding of what is – and is not – covered in your policy, but they work diligently to reduce the value of claims. This is, after all, how insurance companies make money – by taking in more money on your premiums than they pay out in claims.

    An experienced public adjuster can help balance the scales. Public adjusters are insurance claims specialists who work on behalf of policyholders to help people receive the compensation to which they are entitled as part of their insurance coverage. You have paid your premiums all these months and when you have a loss that is covered by your policy, you have the right to fair compensation.

    reviewing policy negotiate claims

    LMR Public Adjusters will build and strengthen your claim by:

    • Carefully reviewing your homeowner’s policy
    • Evaluating damages
    • Taking pictures and video of your damages
    • Assessing your damage and the cost to repair it
    • Tracking the flow of insurance payments and amounts due
    • Communicating with the insurance company to expedite your claim
    • Negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf to secure a favorable settlement

    Our clients often report receiving higher settlement amounts when they hire our public adjusters in Hollywood, Boca Raton and plenty of other areas in South Florida than they were offered without our help. Let us maximize the value of your claim. Call us today to get started.

    Types of Claims We Handle

    Our distinguished public adjusters can assist you with claims involving:

    damaged property

    For any type of loss you suffer, we will fight to recover your fair compensation. Contact us today for an experienced Public Adjuster.

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    What makes us different

    Our business is Public Insurance Adjusting. We take the insurance claim woes off your shoulders, we estimate & calculate what we believe you are entitled to recover for your loss, and we negotiate a maximum settlement on your behalf. We routinely secure settlements higher than a typical policyholder would be able to recover on his/her own.

    *Holiday Inn – Multiple roof leaks Insurance offered below deductible $10,000 LMR Settled the claim for $3.1 Million

    *Trump Penthouse – Floor Damage Insurance offered $12,000 LMR settled for $325K

    *High-rise Condo association Miami – Main sprinkler pipe burst Insurance offered $1.1 Million LMR settled for $4 Million

    *Weston Estate – Sewer Pipe broke Insurance offered $7500 LMR Settled for $312K

    *Boca Raton - Dishwasher leak under sink Insurance offered $6000 LMR settled for $58K

    Free Claim Analysis

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    Our Public Adjusters will come to your home as we provide a free home inspection. Once we establish we can help you and its in your best interest to file an insurance claim. Speak with one of our Adjusters today to start your insurance claim!

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