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Wall with mold damage

Mold often develops after a home sustains water damage. Mold is an insidious type of microscopic fungus that can cause significant harm to, or even destroy, the actual structure and contents of your property. Mold can also cause health problems ranging from stuffy noses and shortness of breath, to chronic disease and even death. LMR Public Adjusters is here to provide help, guidance, and hope when you need it most

Mold Damage Public Adjusters
If you discover your property has mold, LMR Public Adjusters will assign the most experienced and qualified public adjuster to your case to guide you through the claims and recovery process. We can help you receive the insurance settlement you deserve, and make sure that the process is less harrowing than if you were to attempt to manage it on your own. Call us and our Public Adjusters will be happy to assist you with your mold damage.

When your home, building, or business has been damaged or destroyed, LMR Public Adjusters will ensure that your mold claim is processed in a timely manner and paid in full. Our network of dedicated public adjusters have experience and an extensive understanding of all aspects of the claims process. As one of the nation’s most respected networks of public adjusters, specializing in mold recovery claims, we have years of experience delivering results to satisfied clients. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars in underpaid claims for all types of disasters including mold damage.