Hurricane Damage Claims: Louisiana

Hurricane Damage Claims

In Louisiana, hurricanes are frequent events and often cause serious, widespread damage in the region. All property owners that are near rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water must purchase hurricane and flood insurance to protect their investment.

When a hurricane happens, the policies provide coverage for homes and offer funds to repair or replace the properties. When completing a claim, an adjuster is assigned the task of assessing the property and determining what type of settlement the policyholder is entitled to receive. However, to get the most out of your insurance policy it is best to contact a public adjuster such as LMR Public Adjusters before contacting your insurance provider. 

Assessing the Property 

After a hurricane, it is in the property owner’s best interest to contact a public adjuster for assistance in filing their insurance claim. Unfortunately, the aftermath of a hurricane can delay access to the property and prevent a Louisiana hurricane insurance adjuster from getting to the property before more damage happens. Once the adjuster can go to the property, an assessment is completed in an attempt to identify all damage and determine if the home is still viable. 

Calculating the Total Amount of Coverage

Most homeowner’s insurance policies offer either the total replacement value or the current market value for the home. After the owner contacts a public adjuster then files an insurance claim, the Hurricane claims adjuster in Lousiana reviews the terms of the policy and determines how much coverage the owner has. If the property is a complete loss, the terms of the policy determine how much the owner receives to replace the property. The public adjuster insures that the policy holder gets a fair and honest settlement from the insurance company. 

Providing Temporary Housing 

Temporary housing is a requirement for any property owner who is displaced during a hurricane and cannot return to the property after the storm. Most homeowner’s insurance policies provide a temporary housing allowance to owners when the property is uninhabitable.

A hurricane can create property damage and dangerous conditions, and if there is standing water inside the home, the owner cannot stay at home until these conditions are corrected. A public adjuster can help process a claim to get a temporary housing allowance until the owner can return to the home. 

Setting Up Flood Remediation

Flood remediation is necessary for properties that had excessive flooding during a hurricane. The services pull all water and moisture out of the property to lower the risk of mold developments. All moisture is managed after the water is removed, and the service providers restore all damage caused by flooding. When a property owner experiences flooding, it’s necessary to contact a public adjuster before submitting a claim for flooding due to the hurricane. A public adjuster can work on your behalf and get funds from your insurance company to a service provider quickly to lower further risks to the property. 

Is the Property Salvageable?

The public claims adjuster presents the homeowner with a full report about the home after the inspection. If the property can be repaired, the report shows all damage found during the assessment. When managing the claim, the insurance adjuster determines how much money is available through the policy to cover the cost of the repairs, and your public adjuster will work with your insurance company to ensure that you get a fair settlement. 

Rebuilding or Repairing the Home

If the property was a total loss, a public adjuster can work with the insurance company to provide a check to the owner according to how much coverage is available through the policy. Unfortunately, the insurance company cannot provide the funds until there is an accessible path to get to the property. However, once the property has become accessible and the property has been assessed, the public adjusters facilitate disbursement of the funds to the owner for a new property. 

Where to File Hurricane Claims

At LMR Public Adjusters, we understand how important it is to process an insurance claim quickly after a hurricane. Many homeowners are displaced and don’t have access to resources quickly enough. Our hurricane public adjusters can help property owners get the coverage needed to repair or replace a home and help the owners get back to normal. To get help from our public adjusters, set up an appointment right now. 

Hurricanes in Louisiana can cause widespread devastation for area property owners. All homeowners need to purchase flood insurance and hurricane coverage along with homeowner’s insurance. The policies offer coverage for property damage and the aftermath of natural disasters. When filing a claim, the property owner will discuss the property and damage with a public claims adjuster first, who will then work with your insurance company and ensure that you get a fair financial return on your policy.

Since insurance claims are widespread during these events, many insurance carriers outsource the claims to help a larger number of homeowners faster. By hiring a public adjuster before filing your claim they can review your insurance process, policies, terms and make sure that you get the most out of your insurance policy.

Many of the policies provide temporary housing allowance and payments for remediation services. Repairs are covered according to the terms of the policy, and many policies provide a true replacement value for the home if it’s a total loss. Review our customer testimonials to learn more about the difference a Public Adjuster makes.