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It can be particularly unsettling and unsightly when a property suffers water damage. Navigating insurance policies and filing a claim for outstanding damages caused by natural events, burst pipes, or mold can be confusing and frustrating. When a property owner needs help getting compensation from their insurance policy, it is best to get the assistance of a professional public adjuster.

Why Hire a Public Adjuster to Help with Claims?

Insurance companies offer policyholders various terms of agreement and possible compensation for losses sustained after their claim is processed. However, an insurance company will have people fighting on their side to ensure that they are not paying out the maximum to policyholders to settle a claim. A property owner may be taking a considerable risk filing a claim for water damage without professional help.

A public adjuster works on behalf of their client, reviewing and interpreting the client’s insurance policy to ensure adequate resolution of the claim by preparing an estimate, negotiating the claim, and making sure all relevant concerns will be addressed by the carrier. Additionally, a public adjuster may have resources that may increase the chances that an insurance company will be fair to the client seeking compensation and that an appropriate settlement is reached. Insurance company representatives have a lot of legal knowledge and resources that a layperson and insurance policyholder are not likely to have.

A licensed public adjuster versed in water damage claims and insurance laws can help a client navigate their insurance policy, fight for the client’s rights, and better interpret vague jargon in a policy. If a client has already decided to file an insurance claim without professional assistance, there still may be time to hire a public adjuster to help get compensation. In some cases, an insurance policyholder may have to go to court to seek fair restitution from an insurance policy claim, so hiring a public adjuster to negotiate on a client’s behalf is beneficial.

Understanding the Depth of Water Damage Before Filing a Claim

Much of the visible water damage following a storm, burst pipe, or flood may be superficial. There may be areas on a property where water has seeped into the deepest crevices and penetrated surfaces invisible to the eye, causing extensive mold or degrading structural integrity. A  public adjuster experienced with water damage claims may be better suited to evaluate an insurance policy holder’s property before negotiating with the insurance company. 

There is nothing wrong with a client seeking insurance claim help, as an insurance company will create policies using language that’s confusing for most clients. Various obstacles, limitations, and mistakes can cost a client, resulting in a lower payment being rendered or no payment from an insurance company. A public adjuster can look over an insurance policy with a fine-tooth comb and point out where and how an insurance company can underpay claims.

If a client cannot ascertain adequate compensation for water damage, they may be unable to make repairs to their property or be forced to accept losses. Also, some insurance companies may set up roadblocks to stall paying clients, and a public adjuster can help expedite claims. In addition to hiring a public adjuster, an insurance restoration builder or estimator can get a more accurate assessment of the damages, and an inventory specialist may prove helpful to recover losses.

Be Prepared to Fight for Rightful and Fair Compensation

Property owners that suffer water damage should always maintain records of their property, current and past condition, and itemized receipts to confirm the value of the damaged or destroyed property. An adjuster will want to estimate how much a property owner lost and make recommendations in favor of the insurance company. Public insurance adjusters are available to fight for a client’s rights and ensure that an insurance company pays what is fair and adequate to recover from losses.

Whenever possible, before filing any claims with an insurance company, a client seeking restitution for water damages should take photographs, gather paperwork, and contact a public insurance adjuster. Many public adjusters are happy to offer a free or low-cost consultation to ensure they are a good fit for the client. Clients should keep in mind that they deserve full compensation for any damaged property as well as additional living expenses experienced as a result of the damage.

About LMR Public Adjusters

LMR Public Adjusters is ready to defend clients seeking compensation from insurance companies for sustained damages caused by hurricanes, floods, damaged pipes, and other common threats to property. The firm provides free one-on-one consultations with an included home inspection to assess damages and expedites insurance claims to get their clients the maximum compensation.