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LMR Public Adjusters Consult With Commercial Hurricane Damage Claims 


 LMR Public Adjusters works with clients in need of expert consultation with an insurance claim, regardless of where they are located in the United States. The adjusters take on the burden of handling the claim. They estimate the value of the claim to ensure clients get a fair payout. In addition, the team negotiates on behalf of clients to secure settlements higher than what clients would receive on their own.  

What is a Public Adjuster? 

Commercial insurance companies have private adjusters working on their behalf. Business owners must recognize these adjusters function to help the insurer pay out the least amount possible for a claim. The goal is to save the commercial insurance company money, so it continues to make a profit. Public adjusters, in contrast, work for the business owner policyholder. Their job is to ensure the client gets adequate compensation for the claim to make their business whole. Many business owners prefer to work with a public adjuster when filing commercial property insurance claims, but they aren’t sure when they should request this assistance. 

When Should a Public Adjuster Be Contacted? 

Commercial property owners often wait to contact a public adjuster until after they have received a settlement offer from the commercial insurance company. It’s best to speak with a public adjuster prior to filing the claim. They will determine the value of the claim, so the policyholder knows if they are being offered an adequate settlement when the insurance company makes their offer.   

However, a public adjuster may be hired at any time in the claims process. If a claim has already been filed and a policyholder feels the settlement offer is too low, an LMR public adjuster can assess the damage and provide an accurate value of commercial property loss. The adjuster then contacts the insurance company to begin negotiations.   

Additionally, a claim may be settled only to have supplemental damage discovered as repairs are being made. Contact LMR Public Adjusters in this situation. An adjuster will come out and assess the additional damage. They will then contact the insurance company to have adjustments submitted to the claim.  

Determining Fair Compensation  

To determine the value of a claim, the public adjuster does an in-depth review of the commercial property loss. They visit the property and estimate how much the claim is worth. When doing so, they review policy documents to learn what coverage the client has. The goal of the process is to protect the policyholder’s interests and ensure they receive a fair settlement that will cover the damages.  

To do so, the public adjuster will provide proof of the damages sustained with the help of videos and photos. They assist with preparing inventory lists and working with appraisers to determine the value of items named in the claim. These serve as only a few of the many ways public adjusters go above and beyond adjusters provided by the insurance company.   

Types of Claims Handled  

LMR Public Adjusters handle many types of claims involving hurricane damage. In fact, hurricanes serve as some of the costliest natural disasters today. Wind damage falls under a hurricane insurance claim along with any damage caused by wind-driven rain. Any trees that come down may be handled under the insurance policy, even if the tree hits structures on the property other than the business. For example, a business might have a storage shed on the property that sustains damage during a hurricane. This damage should be covered under the insurance policy. The property owner might also find the insurer covers the removal of a tree that falls without hitting anything.    

Water Damage Claims 

The strong winds and heavy rainfall that come with hurricanes can do significant damage to a business. Broken windows and doors allow rain into the building, while the high winds may rip portions of the roof off, which leaves the interior of the building exposed to the elements. Even mild roof damage can lead to a leak and water entering the structure. If this water isn’t addressed immediately, mold may become an issue. The insurance company should address this water damage promptly to prevent this and other issues. A public adjuster works with the client to ensure they get ample compensation to repair the structure.  

Why Choose LMR Public Adjusters?  

Policyholders need to ensure they get a public adjuster ready to work on their behalf. Clients who have used our company in the past rave about the services. Jennifer Mederios left the following excellent review. “Extremely knowledgeable and professional firm. The employees are fast, efficient and a joy to work with. We would not have been able to rebuild our home after Hurricane Sally without them. Highly recommend their services.” Read reviews from other satisfied clients to see what makes LMR Public Adjusters different from the competitors.  

Individuals pay insurance premiums monthly, quarterly, or annually. They expect to receive fair treatment from the insurance company when a claim is filed. Sadly, they often don’t receive this treatment when they sustain damage. LMR Public Adjusters is here to help ensure fair compensation. Reach out before filing a claim to know the value of the damage and a fair settlement amount.  

About LMR Public Adjusters: 

LMR Public Adjusters works with clients filing a property damage claim. Our team strives to get the best possible settlement for every client.