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Why Public Adjusters are Needed Now More Than Ever

Working with a public adjuster can it less stressful to deal with damage to your home. Contacting a Miramar public adjuster after your home has sustained damage means you will have someone onsite within 24 hours to evaluate the damage. You will know what you are dealing with and will not need to rely on someone who does not have your best interest in mind when evaluating the situation.

Hurricane Season is Right Around the Corner
Hurricane season is the biggest seasonal threat to homes. Every year, homes in the Southeastern part of the United States and along the eastern seaboard are battered by tropical storms and hurricanes. Usually, about two or three of these storms are severe enough to pose a serious threat to your home. In some cases, a second storm strikes before cleanup for the first is completed.

How can a public adjuster help you during hurricane season?
If your home suffers damage or destruction from a hurricane, your priority is a safe shelter. Your home must be evaluated before you decide to continue living in it after a storm. A public adjuster can respond to your request within 24 hours and get your back into your home, if possible, as quickly as possible. They work on your behalf and move the process along. This means that no matter whether you fix the damage done to your existing home or are forced to move into a new home, you will be able to move forward as quickly as possible.

Working with a public adjuster also means you will get the maximum payout you deserve from the insurance company. There will be an independent estimate of damages that is separate from what the insurance company evaluates.

Public adjusters work for you, have no conflict of interest, and ensure that you receive what you are entitled to. They can assist with claims related to storms, including fall trees, water damage, broken windows, fires, and flooding.

Home Damages Can Occur at Any Time
Unfortunately, hurricane season is not the only time your home can suffer damage. Problems can arise at any time and when they do, you must contact a Miramar public adjuster for assistance.

What is involved in the process?
It is relatively straightforward. You reach out to a public adjuster after your home experiences damage. Your property is then examined and the terms of your insurance policy are considered. The public adjuster also helps you talk to your insurance company. Chances are the insurance company will also send their own claims representative to examine the property, but that is fine. We cannot stop them and they cannot stop us from working on your behalf. With a public adjuster, someone is in your corner ensuring the process goes as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Working with a Public Adjuster Puts Your Mind at Ease
Whether you are dealing with hurricane damage or any other issues that have affected your home, a Miramar public adjuster can help. If you want to be prepared, remember to contact a public adjuster before you begin your insurance claim.

Miramar Public Adjuster


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