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Recovering from Hurricane Alex? Call a Public Adjuster


Hurricane Alex caused major flooding and storm damage in Florida. Reports show that the Fort Myers and Miami areas suffered the greatest damage. Florida is known for its subtropical climate, and it is often a target for hurricanes and tropical storms because of its shape and location.

Investing in property in the state requires homeowners and businesses to obtain additional coverage specifically for these perils and flooding. Unfortunately, many homeowners still don’t have enough coverage when they need it. Instead of relying on their property insurance carrier for coverage and the funds they deserve, property owners turn to public adjusters.  

Evaluate Coverage Before You Need It 

Public adjusters review the customer’s property insurance policy and explain in simpler terms what the policies cover. Many insurance companies use too much legalese to confuse clients and get them to agree to the terms and purchase coverage. However, if the property owner doesn’t understand what coverage level they have, they won’t know what the insurance covers if a hurricane damages their property. A public adjuster isn’t trying to sell the customer insurance, but they do protect the interests of policyholders.  

Learn How the Claims Work

Many property owners believe that, after they sustain property damage, they just call their insurer and everything is taken care of for them. This isn’t the truth, and the insurance company won’t just give them the funds for repairs without investigating the damage. Insurance claims are not that easy, and insurance providers send their own adjusters to the property to inspect the damage and evaluate the property.

With hurricane insurance claims in Florida, the process is far more complex, and there are major services that are performed before the insurance can identify all the damage. Flooding inside the home makes it harder to see all the damage, and the water is removed first. 

What Does Your Policy Really Cover?

A public insurance adjuster explains what the policy really covers, and homeowners can get the coverage to which they are entitled. Public adjusters do not work for insurance companies. They work for the policyholder, and the adjusters review the policy based on the property damage and calculate how much the customer should receive from the insurer for their hurricane damage. These adjusters advocate for the policyholder based on insurance laws and the terms of the policy. 

Are There Exclusions or Restrictions?

Before starting storm insurance claims in Florida, property owners must determine if there are exclusions or restrictions. For instance, some insurance companies impose restrictions on property damage if mold is present and the owner doesn’t report the damage within a specific time.

Mold spreads quickly, and the property owner has limited time to get claims started for hurricane damage, especially if there is flooding inside the home. Flooding almost ensures that the property owner will get mold and mildew in their homes, and if water removal services aren’t performed quickly in the subtropic climate, mold spreads throughout the entire property 

Time Limits for Claims

After a hurricane, property owners cannot go right back to their properties immediately. Road closings prevent immediate access to the homes, and property owners cannot get their claims reported and processed in a short time. For some property owners, insurance companies try to offer a smaller settlement than the policyholder needs to make repairs. Hurricanes can destroy properties in minutes and lead to a total loss for the property owners. Public adjusters can come to the rescue of these property owners and help them get a fair settlement for their damaged homes.  

Are You Required to Accept Low-Ball Settlements? 

No, property owners are not required to accept low-ball settlements, and they can hire a public adjuster to review their claims. These adjusters assess the terms of the policy and ensure that the insurance company pays the correct amount and doesn’t try to violate the terms of the insurance coverage. Many insurers try to pay lower amounts to avoid a serious financial loss, but the adjusters identify the terms of the policies and help policyholders avoid financial losses after paying months or years of insurance premiums. Before a homeowner accepts any offer, they should contact a public adjuster and find out if the amount is fair and reasonable.  

Where to Find Adjusters

At LMR Public Adjusters, we protect our customers and their interests, and our adjusters help customers get the money they deserve from their insurers. Property owners pay premiums to protect their investments, and we make sure they get the funds when needed. Speak to our adjusters about your insurance claims now.