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Residential Broken Water Pipe Damage


Residential property owners purchase homeowner’s insurance to protect their assets and fund repairs and restoration services for covered events. Water leaks are a covered event under most property insurance policies, and after water leaks occur, the insurer assigns a claims adjuster to assess the damage and manage the claim. The claims adjusters process the claim according to the insurance company’s interests, and homeowners may need a public adjuster to protect theirs. 

What Is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster doesn’t work for the insurance company, and the professionals represent the interests of the homeowners. Many insurers refuse to process insurance claims for water damage if the homeowners cannot report the property damage after a specific time. The insurers may also attempt to give the customer a low-ball amount and increase the insurance premiums. 

Public adjusters are here to review the policy terms to find a solution for homeowners and help them get the maximum amount available according to the policy terms. Did your insurer deny a claim for a broken water pipe? Contact home insurance public adjusters for help now. 

What Do Public Insurance Adjusters Do?

A public adjuster isn’t an insurance company employee, and the insurance experts conduct assessments of the water damage after a plumbing pipe breaks. They understand confusing language in insurance policies that homeowners cannot comprehend. Most adjusters have training or expertise in the construction or property development industry, and the professionals know where to look for damage and problem areas. 

Public adjusters use the latest technology to assess financial losses revealed in the property assessment. They compile evidence of the property damage required to process an insurance claim and get the customer the highest payout to cover repairs and water damage restoration services. 

The insurance professionals are aware of supplemental coverage available through the property insurance policies to restore the home to its previous condition without high out-of-pocket costs for the policyholders. The public adjusters know how to negotiate with the property owner’s insurer and plumbing contractors. 

How Are Public and Independent Adjusters Different?

Independent adjusters represent the insurer. Insurance companies don’t hire independent adjusters full time, but the companies offer these adjusters contracts during peak property damage seasons, such as hurricane season. The independent adjusters process insurance claims and protect the insurer against serious financial losses. 

Homeowners hire public adjusters if their insurance carrier’s company or independent adjuster refuses insurance coverage or offers a lower than average payout for the damage. Public adjusters can review the claim and determine if there was any omitted information or evidence or if the insurance company’s adjuster failed to disclose vital details in the claim without the property owner’s knowledge. 

When Should Homeowners Hire a Public Adjuster?

A broken water pipe causes extensive property damage if it goes unnoticed. Mold develops in moist or dampened environments, and some insurers lie about coverage restrictions when mold has been present for a few months. Meanwhile, the homeowner has property damage and a serious health hazard growing and spreading inside and underneath their property. 

A public adjuster provides more accurate calculations for property damage and the services the owner needs to repair the broken water pipe and restore the property. Many homeowners miscalculate the total amount of damage, and they settle for the low-ball offers provided by the insurer. 

Instead of accepting too little from the insurer, the property owner can get the amount of coverage to which the policy entitles them and avoid the impact of spreading water damage. Homeowners hire a public adjuster to get a comprehensive inspection of the property and water damage. The public adjusters process the claim according to the maximum coverage available to the property owner. 

A thorough inspection shows what caused the broken water pipe and all the damage during the water leak. The public adjuster ensures ‌the policyholder that they will receive the funds to cover further expenses if the homeowner needs extra services beyond the broken water line repairs. Insurance companies don’t pay the maximum coverage amount voluntarily, and claims adjusters process claims on the insurance company’s behalf. However, a public adjuster protects the homeowner’s interests and gets them what they deserve. 

Where to Get Started

At LMR Public Adjusters, we protect the interests of homeowners when their insurers fail them. Our company gives homeowners the peace of mind they need after the insurer denies coverage provided in the homeowner’s insurance policy and violates the insurance policy terms. Our public adjusters handle everything for customers and help them through these difficult times. Do you need to file an insurance claim for plumbing damage or water leaks? Call a public adjuster to get help now.