Have you suffered property loss or damage in Boca Raton FL and need help processing the insurance claim? LMR Public Adjusters can help! Our team of public adjusters in Boca Raton FL are professional, experienced, and most importantly, dedicated to making sure you get the maximum settlement amount for your insurance claim. When it comes to making sure the insurance company pays you what is owed, it’s worth it to have a professional on your side. Besides, at LMR Public Adjuster’s we don’t collect anything unless and until you do!

Boca Raton Public Adjusters

Boca Raton Public Adjusters

Living in South Florida definitely has its perks, but no city is safe from accidents and weather disasters, and Boca Raton FL is no exception. While we enjoy sunny, warm weather year round, we may also experience bad storms that bring heavy rain and winds. Unfortunately, storms can cause serious damage to a property. LMR Public Adjusters is experienced in dealing with insurance claims due to acts of G-d, including storm damage, tornado damage, sinkhole damage, flood damage, and more.

Acts of G-d aren’t the only causes for property damage. Properties in Boca Raton FL can experience wear and tear, just like any other property. All properties are susceptible to damages from fires, pipe bursts, flooding, mold, etc. But just because these things may happen, doesn’t mean property owners should panic if they do happen. All you have to do is call the experts, like LMR Public Adjusters, and let them take care of the rest. We know exactly what to do, and how to do it, to make sure your safety is secured, and your insurance claim is processed correctly.

Most of us aren’t aware of all the details and stipulations listed in our insurance papers. And when you’re dealing with a disaster on your property, reading through all the paperwork can seem overwhelming and stressful. It’s easy for the common person to overlook important details listed in their insurance paperwork, especially when they’re under that kind of stress. That’s why LMR Public Adjusters takes care of it all for you.

Water Pipe Damage

Our Boca Raton FL Public Adjusters

From the moment you call our Boca Raton FL office, you’ll be given some instruction as to what to do first while we arrange to visit your property for a full evaluation and review. We’ll do everything from gathering the evidence, to making sure the right contractors are sent to your home for clean-up and getting the insurance paperwork filled out correctly.

Insurance companies can make it hard for their policyholders to collect on what is rightfully owed to them. They know that most people give up and get caught up on fixing the immediate issue at their property without ever seeking the full compensation. Our Boca Raton Public Adjusters turn the process into one that is simple and comfortable. We pride ourselves on being helpful resource for Boca Raton’s residents when it comes to insurance claims.

LMR Public Adjusters provides the most thorough and professional insurance claim representation in the industry.


Charles B.

Very professional, communication was great throughoutthe process, they manage to get my 7 times more than what the insurance offered me. I'm a happy client!!!

Ariel L.

LMR Public Adjusters was very professional and on time. Everything was fast, and I had a fabulous experience.

Oshri A.

They have fast response. I never have any issues. They have great customer service.

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