Sinkhole Damage

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If you notice cracks in your flooring, walls, stairs, or building foundation, you may be looking at the beginning signs of sinkhole damage in your property. The cracks and structural damages that occur in the visible areas of the property are often a result of sinkhole activity beneath the building. If the damage is indeed caused by a sinkhole, you can file for damages from your insurance company. Call our Sinkhole Damage Public Adjusters, we can help!

Sinkhole Damage Public Adjusters

Although most insurance companies are required by law to cover sinkhole damage, many just flat-out refuse to pay. They may cite that the damage was caused by something other than a sinkhole in order to avoid paying. Even if the insurance company acknowledges the claim and agrees  that the proximate cause of the damage was a sinkhole, it will probably try to get away with paying far less than what you need to compensate for the actual damage. Your insurance company may also recommend the cheapest – and consequently the least effective – repair.

                           In a situation like this, you need the help of a really excellent Sinkhole Damage Public Adjusters. LMR Sinkhole Damage Public Adjusters have a team of highly qualified claims adjusters who will investigate and identify the exact reason of damage to your property and assess the true extent of the damage caused. We make sure to estimate the actual damages by taking into consideration factors such as depreciation, actual cash value, replacement costs, etc., which may be overlooked – or conveniently neglected – by insurance companies.


LMR Sinkhole Damage Public Adjusters provides the most thorough and professional insurance claim representation in the industry.


Helpful Sinkhole Damage Tips:

LMR Sinkhole Damage Public Adjusters will aggressively prosecute sinkhole claims on behalf of our clients. Insurance companies have teams of adjusters and lawyers working on each and every claim. Our public claims adjusters can help property owners level the playing field by cluing you in to what you deserve and what the other side is trying to avoid paying you.

Our experienced and compassionate insurance adjusters have recovered underpaid claims for all types of damages; sinkhole claims, fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters. LMR Sinkhole Damage Public Adjusters lend a helping hand when it is needed most. We understand the level of stress that our clients are suffer from – especially when they witness something as severe as their entire house slowly deteriorating before their eyes as a result of extensive sinkhole damage.

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